Travel bloggers worth watching in 2019

Top Solo Travel Bloggers To Follow In 2019

Despite its rise in popularity, there is no denying that solo travel can be a daunting experience. Setting off on our trip solo can understandably give cause to considering our plans, route and safety a little more carefully. Having an itinerary becomes more important when you cannot rely on the company of friends.

Hey Nadine

In this way, the internet is the solo traveller’s best friend – there are countless online resources available for us to plan our adventures. Perhaps the most useful are the wide array of travel blogs available – a quick internet search opens up a world of personal, trustworthy recommendations from solo travellers.

There are a variety of options for solo travel trips: budget backpacking, luxurious holidaying, sustainable travel, adventure trips, and more. Consequently, there is also an amazing variety of travel blogs themed around different ways to travel. Here are our top 8 travel blogs, all with a different twist.

1. Nomadic Matt

Talk to any travel enthusiast about their favourite travel bloggers, and they’re sure to mention Matthew Kepnes, aka Nomadic Matt. Hailing from the USA, Matt quit his job in 2006 and has now been travelling full-time for nearly 13 years, visiting nearly 100 countries! What sets Matt’s blog apart is that it is totally trustworthy. He does not accept sponsorship and he pays his own way on every trip he takes. Everywhere he chooses to go is down to his own tastes, and all of his recommendations are truly his own. His lack of sponsorship also means that he travels on a budget, and budgeting advice is a key purpose of his blog.

2. Every Steph

Every Steph

From Bologna, Italy, Stefania Guglielmi’s motto is ‘green is the new black’. She is an eco-traveller who believes you don’t need to compromise a glamorous travel experience in order to do it sustainably. And she certainly proves this philosophy is possible with the beautiful images of her travels! Her blog is varied, offering stories and advice about popular destinations as well as hidden gems off the beaten track. So if you’re into fashion and aesthetics as well as the environment, follow Steph.

3. The Chaotic Scot

As we’re based in Scotland, we couldn’t go without mentioning a blog focussing on our own wee corner of the world! The Chaotic Scot is a blog dedicated to Scottish travel. Kay Gillespie had never been to the Highlands until she was 22, and she describes the first experience of travelling in her homeland as life-changing. So she vowed to see more and started her blog to document her travels and promote her country. The Chaotic Scot offers amazing advice on the best Scottish destinations, where to stay there and how to get there via public transport.

4. Hole in the Donut

Hole in the Donut

Now 63, Barbara Weibel was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease and describes feeling ‘like a donut – a wonderful outer shell with an empty, hollow inside’. She decided that to fill this hole in her life, she would pursue her passions in photography, writing and travel. Once she was healthy again, she left her job and from 2009-2017 travelled the world, blogging all the way. She now has a base in Chiang Mai, Thailand, however, continues to travel. Barbara’s blog offers a fresh perspective on travel; something a little different from the standard blogger in their 20s.

5. The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad

If you’re a woman planning a solo trip, check out Kiersten Rich’s blog. She offers fantastic advice not only on what to do on your trips but also what to pack and what to wear while you’re there. Kiersten prioritises travelling in comfort rather than doing it as cheap as possible, and so far has travelled to 70 countries since embarking on her travels in 2012!

6. The Luxury Columnist

The Luxury Columnist

Headed up by Suze with contributions from her husband Paul, The Luxury Columnist is not strictly a solo travel blog. Yet we could not resist its inclusion in our top picks, as it offers something a bit different from the usual blog of a budgeting backpacker. The Luxury Columnist documents travel experiences with a luxury twist, across 49 countries from Turkey to Tokyo, with a sprinkle of fashion and London lifestyle. With beautiful visual content, The Luxury Columnist is a must-follow if you want to incorporate the finer things of life in your travels.


7. Wandering Earl

Wandering Earl left the USA for a three-month trip in December 1999, and still hasn’t returned home! His blog is truly inspirational, covering his adventures across over 100 countries where he has travelled, lived, worked and volunteered. Wherever you are planning to go, the Wandering Earl blog is almost guaranteed to have amazing stories and information for you. And like Nomadic Matt, he does not accept sponsorship, so his blog is entire of his making.

8. Hey Nadine

If you’re not into ‘the long read’, you might prefer watching a travel vlog. Hey Nadine is one of the most entertaining vloggers on YouTube, and uploads two videos packed with advice every week! Her content is quirky and engaging: she vlogs about her amazing travels, but she is also refreshingly honest about the hardships of full-time travel. Check out Hey Nadine on YouTube for fun but informative travel content: she has a feature which allowed her Instagram followers to choose where she travels to next!

Now that you’re armed with some of the best solo travel resources, is it time for you to take the plunge and plan your solo trip? Take a look at Solo Living’s exclusive A-Z of Solo Travel Tour Operators, free when you subscribe to our mailing list!


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