The Houseplant Revival

Do you have a pilea peperomioides in your living room yet? If not, you might find yourself sadly behind the times. The desire for living décor is increasing as houseplants make a resurgence in interior style: social media has fuelled a sharp rise in plant buying, as thousands of people post pictures of their beautiful, exotic and decorative house plants. The pilea peperomioides (aka Chinese money plant), or as some people call it, the Pepperoni plant, is a robust favourite.


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The Joy of Plants follows the media trends closely and suggests a list of five plants which are ‘in’ this year, including a variety of parlour palms, cascading ivy and the useful and fast-growing Aloe Vera.


They also point out the value of plants in reducing the invisible air toxicity that’s produced by everyday personal and homecare products, a point reinforced by European venture OGreen. Their ‘OGreen Icon’, the Pteris fern apparently cleans up to 30 square metres of air a day in your home and as such is becoming one of the hottest trends in environmentally responsible plant purchasing.


The Houseplant Revival


It’s not as easy as it looks, however, because not all plants will thrive indoors, and blogger Clever Bloom has compiled a useful list of hardy houseplants which are almost impossible to kill. Aloe Vera pops up again here, but also included are old favourites the Spider Plant and the Swiss Cheese.


Finally, for beauty and calm in the home, many people are recommending the Peace Lily.

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