Revel In The Variety Of Options For A Solo Holiday

Revel In The Variety Of Options For A Solo Holiday

Not so long ago, there were very few options for solo travellers when it came to taking a well-deserved holiday. Although you could plan your trip around your own preferences, there would always be (and often still is) a single supplement to consider, and a lack of suitable activities geared towards our needs. However, in recent years, there has been a seismic shift in the travel industry. With more people than ever before choosing to holiday alone, tour companies are pulling out all the stops to cater to this new travel trend.

Revel In The Variety Of Options For A Solo HolidayAverie Woodard

Now, solo travellers have a wide variety of options when planning a holiday both at home or overseas, whether it be to relax and recuperate or explore and experience new things. One thing is for sure – you do not have to compromise when it comes to planning the holiday you truly deserve!

Here are the different options for solos taking a holiday:

Group tours

One of the most popular choices for solos is to join a group tour. This opens up the whole world to anyone who wants to take a more organised approach when it comes to exploring the globe. Group tours are available for everyone, however, different companies offer different options in group size, age ranges, and scope of the itinerary, so you’re sure to find one that suits you. If you want a proper solo experience, the group tour option may not be for you, but this type of trip is great if you’re looking to make friends while you are on holiday.

Wherever in the world, you desire to go, there is bound to be a group tour that will take you there. Always wanted to see the beautiful Italian lakes? Ever wanted to walk the Great Wall of China? Or have you always longed to explore the Californian coastline? There’s a tour for all the places you’ve dreamed of seeing. There’s nowhere so exotic or unusual that you can’t join a group tour – 2% of solo travellers are heading as far afield as the Arctic and Antarctic.

With group tours offering access to remote, hard-to-reach locations, the world becomes the solo traveller’s oyster. Solo travel tour operators plan out your whole trip for you too, so they are convenient and worry-free. But be aware – this often includes all accommodation, food and activities, so if you’re particular about your preferences, a group tour may not be your ideal trip.

Do It Yourself (DIY) holidays

The internet and sites like Airbnb and have made it easier than ever for solo travellers to embark on DIY holidays allowing you to do exactly what you want on your travels. With DIY holidays, you have the complete freedom to arrange your own itinerary from your travel dates to your choice of accommodation. Whether you want to spend two weeks in a single location or whether you want to do a spot of touring, it’s no problem, you have the world at your fingertips.

The advantages of a DIY solo holiday is being able to plan every single aspect of your trip to suit your budget, schedule and it allows you to plan the holiday you really want down to the very last detail. You can choose whether or not meeting people is important to you and choose times when you might want to do this, or equally, times when you may want to opt out of being amongst others.

However, researching all the travel, accommodation and activities options can be time-consuming and it requires a degree of skill and patience to find exactly what you are looking for. Hence why a group tour with an itinerary where you can opt in and opt out may appeal. Otherwise, planning your own holiday can be very rewarding purely because your holiday will be bespoke and purely for you to indulge and enjoy without compromise.

Revel In The Variety Of Options For A Solo Holiday

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Road Trips and Fly Drives

A DIY holiday of sorts that has always been popular is taking a road trip. There is perhaps no feeling more liberating than being able to jump in the car at home and drive cross-country through famously beautiful routes, to destinations you’ve never seen before. A staycation or a road trip abroad allows you to relish in the open roads of famous drives like The North Coast 500 in Scotland, Route 66 in the US and the Hai Van Pass in Vietnam… there are countless amazing drives to be discovered. What’s more, depending on where you are and the time of year, you can perhaps let loose and book accommodation along the way.

The fly drive is another great option. Book a flight to the resort of your choice, choose a base for your accommodation and hire a vehicle. You’re free to explore at will. You can either book a fly-drive holiday as a package with flights, accommodation and a car all included or choose to book your place of stay along the route. Whether you book in advance or just play it by ear, it’s entirely up to you.

Cruises or touring by rail

Cruising is an amazing experience no matter where you choose to sail, and solo travellers can enjoy a cruise just as much as when you’re travelling with others. Many cruises now have special suites for solos as well as special social activities where you can meet fellow solo travellers, so if you want to make new friends you should find it a breeze.

But, if travelling by sea isn’t for you, you can do a similar solo trip by train. There are lots of options for seeing countries via their railways, be that escorted rail tours, luxury rail holidays, or just independent rail travel.

Activity breaks and adventure challenges

Staying active on holiday can be fun and keep you healthy at the same time. For many, an activity break or adventure challenge can serve as a better respite from day-to-day life than sunbathing for a week. You can experience all kinds of exciting new things on adventure tours: taking the road less travelled, mountaineering, kayaking and scuba-diving to mention just a few ideas.

Or, if you prefer something slightly less action-packed, why not take an activity holiday such as a spa break, yoga retreat, walking holiday, or a cookery course? Whatever your preference, these are all the trips you can enjoy solo.

Visiting family and friends

If you don’t want to be too adventurous, you could always go and stay with family and friends. These days, many of us have friends scattered across the globe. What better excuse to go and explore a new part of the world? You’ll have plenty of company, a built-in tour guide and enjoy all the comforts of home – what’s not to enjoy!

So with solo travel set to be a top trend in 2019, why not jump on the bandwagon – whatever your ideal holiday, there really is something for everyone.

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