Refurbished Phones: Know How To Grab A Bargain?

Great products don’t always have to come in shiny new packages. Take mobile phones for instance. If you want to get your hands on a state of the art smartphone but don’t fancy breaking the bank to do so, buying a refurbished model is an excellent solution. These types of phones have been returned or previously used and put together again with different parts, amounting to a product that’s essentially as good as new.


Buying a refurbished phone is a savvy financial move, but it’s worth being clued-up before you put your money down. Here’s everything you need to know:


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Check for a reset

The phone must be reset to factory settings – if a refurbished model hasn’t been wiped clean, you won’t be able to register as a new user.


Get a model with a warranty

Some refurbished phones arrive with a warranty, while others don’t. Make sure you’re covered.


Don’t get locked out

Certain refurbished phones are locked – meaning they can only be used with a particular provider. Avoid these or you may experience difficulties.


It should be shipshape and shiny

Just because a phone is refurbished doesn’t mean it should have scuff marks. On the contrary – it ought to be identical to a new model. Always check before you purchase and make sure the price fairly reflects the condition of the phone.

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